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i) Papers in Journals:

  1. O'sullivan, D.D., Raghuprasad P.K. and Ezdinli E.Z, 1979: Solid tumors Complicating Hodgkin’s disease. Arch. Int. Med 139:1131
  2. Raghuprasad, P.K., Arroyo J.C., Damodaran A.N., O’Sullivan D., and Ezdinli E.Z, 1979: Bronchogenic carcinoma in a patient with Hodgkin’s
    disease. Illinois Medical Journal, 56:113
  3. Raghuprasad, P.K., Brooks S.M., Litwin, A.L., Edwards, J.J., Bernstein, I.L., and Gallagher, J., 1980: Quillaja bark (soap bark) induced asthma. Journal of Allergy And Clinical Immunology 65:4, 285
  4. Bernstein, I.L., and Raghuprasad, P.K., 1980: Status Asthmaticus; Treat aggressively for best results, J. Resp. Diseases 1:5, 65
  5. Tse, Ted C.S., and Raghuprasad, P.K., 1981: Baker’s asthma (grain dust induced Asthma). Drug Intelligence and Clinical Pharmacy Journal.
  6. Raghuprasad, P.K., 1982: A rapid simple method of basophil purification using Percoll centrifugation. Journal of Immunology, 129:5, 2128-33
  7. Dvorak, A.M., Lett-Brown, M.A., Thueson, D.O., Pyne, K., Raghuprasad, P.K., Galli, S.J., and Grant J.A., 1984. Histamine releasing activity (HRA) III. HRA-Induced human basophil histamine release by provoking noncytotoxic granule Exocytosis. Clinical Immunology and Immunopathology, 32, 142-150
  8. Brooks, S.M., Bernstein, I.L., Raghuprasad, P.K., Maccia, C.A., and Mieczkowski. L., 1990. Assessment of airway hyper-responsiveness in chronic stable asthma. Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology 85:17-26
  9. Lin, A.Y., Nutman, T.B., Kaslow, D., Mulvihill, J.J., Fontaine, White, B.J., Knutsen, T., Theil, K.S., Raghuprasad, P.K., Goldstein, A.M., and Tucker, M.A., Familial Eosinophilia: clinical and Laboratory Results in a U.S. Kindred: 1998 American J. Medical genetics, 76:229-237

ii)Letter to Editor:

  1. Raghuprasad, P.K., 1979. Venipuncture and cardiac arrest. Journal of American Medical Association 241:2, 136 (letter)

iii) Abstracts:

  1. Raghuprasad, P.K., Brooks, S.M., Bernstein, I.L., and Gallagher, J., 1979 Role of alpha adrenergic system and airway responsiveness in Determining Disease severity of asthma. Am. Rev. Resp. Diseases, 119:789
  2. Raghuprasad, P.K., Brooks, S.M, Bernstein, I.L., Glueck, H., and Mieczkowski, L., 1979. Factors affecting disease severity in asthma. Clin.Res. 27:4, 706A
  3. Raghuprasad, P.K., Doran, Mary., and Grant, J.A., 1982: Basophil purification. Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, 69(1:2)

iv) Physics Articles

  1. Raghuprasad, P.K. (2013) Planetary spin-orbit attributes in the solar system and their wider implications. Physics Essays 26:2, 331-338
  2. Raghuprasad, P.K. (2017) Why the sky is blue. Physics Essays 30:1, 116-119
  3. Raghuprasad, P.K. (2019) Synchronous, Nonsynchronous and Negative Rotations: How Spin and Gravity Orchestrate Planetary Motions. Applied Physics Research; Vol. 12, No. 2; 2020 ISSN 1916-9639 E-ISSN 1916-9647 Published by Canadian Center of Science and Education
  4. Raghuprasad, P.K. (2021) Spin: Ubiquitous, Fundamental, Purposeful: Its Complementary Interactions with Gravity. Applied Science and Innovative Research ISSN 2474-4972 (Print) ISSN 2474-4980 (Online) Vol. 4, No. 3, 2020 www.scholink.org/ojs/index.php/asir
  5. Raghuprasad, P.K. (2021) Pivotal Role of Spin in Celestial Body Motion Mechanics: Prelude to a Spinning Universe Journal of High Energy Physics, Gravitation and Cosmology, 2021, 7, *-* https://www.scirp.org/journal/jhepgc ISSN Online: 2380-4335 ISSN Print: 2380-4327



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