Member Services:

The contents of this section will be changing constantly; therefore, it is impossible to give complete up-to-date information at any point in time. However, we have made a commitment to bring the very best deals in a variety of “value added” programs to the membership.

Currently, we are working on several insurance products at discounted rates. It is very likely that the member who chooses to participate in these products will likely experience substantial savings and at the same time considerably enhanced benefits. Below is a partial list of “value added” services:

  1. Insurance products, these include: professional liability, group health, vision, dental, disability, building and auto.

  2. We do credentialing/re-credentialing in-house. Therefore, when a member requires these, they simply call us (even for managed care contracts that are not through WTPA). We make a package for them free or submit it online. This is a service most members value most.

  3. “Advantage payroll” gives a 5% discount for our members for payroll services.

  4. WTPA has an exclusive agreement with the local Medisoft patient billing software company. They will give a 25% discount to our members. We are currently
    working on several other products such as discounted cell phones, office equipment, etc.

  5. We write to the membership every month through a newsletter informing them of developments in the group, as well as important matters that apply to their practices. We have also used the newsletter as a vehicle to buy and sell articles such as office furniture, medical equipment, appliances, etc.

  6. Other value added items such as discounted office equipment, cellular phones, etc.

We are constantly exploring ways of helping the members as well as bringing to them
other “value-added” services.




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